About Us

About Us

New York City’s Center for Kayaking, Surfski and Stand Up Paddling

Founded in 1995, Manhattan Kayak + SUP is the boathouse for paddlesports. After half-circumnavigating Australia by kayak and riding the rest of the way on a bike, Eric Stiller returned to New York to sow the seeds of adventure for others. Our team of experienced guides takes a core-centric approach. We help kayakers and SUPers to explore New York City in unique, connective, and healthy ways. Our daily programs go from Novice through Elite levels.


New York City’s Kayak and SUP Trips: From the Skyline to Manhattan Circumnavigation

We bring the joy and excitement of kayaking and standup paddleboarding to the waters around Manhattan. Our trips combine physical exertion and stress relief with picturesque views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Freedom Tower, and more.

Being in New York for kayaking and SUPing is unlike any other: the mountain range of skyscrapers reflected on vast waters is an epic contrast to daily life. Stepping onto the water will change your life, through learning new skills and discovering your capacity to glide on water.


New York City’s Best Kayak and SUP Lessons

We created the Basics series of kayak and stand up paddle board instruction to help people develop high proficiency on the water.

We teach new paddlers to build great habits and stay safe. We take an in-depth approach to instruction, allowing you to join our guided tours when you are fully ready for them.

Many of our knowledgeable instructors and guides started as students over the years. Their unique perspective of and experience on local waters is valuable for both new and seasoned paddlers.


The New York Kayak and SUP Touring Experience

Paddling Manhattan has all the elements of a spiritually rewarding experience: some physical exertion, a little discomfort, plus an almost surreal, wide-angle lens perspective. It may be less theatrical than Central Park and wilder than the Metropolitan Museum’s roof garden; either way, it’s an antidote to urban anxiety.

The more you paddle with us, the deeper and richer your experience with this fantastic sport (and your fellow paddlers) will be. Come on down to the Pier 84 Boathouse at West 44th St. and the Hudson River and get started!

Hope to see you soon!

– Eric Stiller and the team