All In for Winter at MKC Kayak + SUP

All In for Winter at MKC Kayak + SUP

Land and Sea Training Go Hand In Hand

Winter is the time to ease off paddling and start to cross-train. This means to train more on land to become a stronger and more capable paddler. A well-conceived land and studio workout, preferably shared in a group, will balance and revitalize. Paddle sports keep us fit and happy yet our shoulders, back, hips and legs may need a more well rounded movement pattern. The Winter Program will sort this out for you.

Run, Push, Pull, Squat, Press, Twist, Bend and Stretch
The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

The Winter Program’s Studio sessions and Primal sessions will incorporate primary movements, that when combined, will fully energize you. We’ll use functional fitness tools: TRX, stretch bands, dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls, ropes, tires in dynamic circuits. This will keep your heart pumping and your mind focused.

The Paddle Station

The Paddle Station, a kayak simulating exercise machine, was co-designed by world-class freestyle kayaker Eric Jackson and myself. It’s one of the most effective fitness tools per square foot ever! Four directions of resistance combine in an infinite variety of ways. Moreover, it engages your core muscle groups in virtually every movement and can target paddling muscles in specific ways. It also has the ability to upgrade to “unstable” as you become proficient with the exercises. Exercises that were easy standing still can take on a whole new dimension on the Paddle Station.

Build, Strengthen and Tune Your Base First

Primal and Studio are offered 2 times per week and are best started at the beginning of the “winter” so we all can be on the same page from month to month until spring. The first 4-8 weeks we will work on building good form. We will use modest to moderate loads, moderate intensity and all muscle groups. We will start with a dynamic warm-up and build up using basic bodyweight exercises. This will be followed by cool down and good stretch. This stage is designed to make sure we awaken and tune the body from feet to finger tips!

Speed, Power, Balance

We start to move faster and more powerfully through the program. These next phases will likely have your body moving at speeds and intensities that it rarely goes by itself. This phase will make you faster…period. We will use a host of stations, circuits and exercises that will be blended together with modest rest. This is not a turtle-like endurance, this is more like a wolf pack that can run, run, and then sprint, sprint and do it all again.

A Note about Rest and Recovery

While we will have offered many paddle sessions throughout this time period, it is recommended that you paddle for form, maintenance, and recovery. Sure you can sprint now and then to feel the flow, but it is best to stay dialed down for awhile to let dry workouts take root and allow your body systems to change. Eat well, get as much sleep as possible. Recovery goes hand-in-hand in making the program a success.

Bring It to Your Paddling

Now after four months or more of The Winter Program, it is time to apply it to your paddling. See what your new body can do. Start to measure and push yourself to new levels.

Off To The Races

It is time. You are ready. Go!


– Eric Stiller, Founder
Manhattan Kayak + SUP

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