The Dining Tours Make The Post!

The Dining Tours Make The Post!

New York Post writer Hailey Eber on the water. (Photo by Daniel Viney)

Crossing The Hudson For Sushi

Love food? Love paddling? New York Post writer Hailey Eber and her husband Daniel certainly do. The two intrepid foodie/kayakers recently joined us for their first crossing of the Hudson on one of our food tours. These tours, some of which are now open to Stand Up Paddleboarders as well, combine the best of the City’s river views and foodie finds.  With our guide Margaret leading the way, Hailey, Daniel, and the gang pointed their kayaks and boards toward New Jersey last Saturday. Fortunately their double kayak came with enough hold space to be filled with all the bonito flakes and shrimp crackers they could want from our featured destination: the famed Mitsuwa Marketplace in Edgewater.

The Best Part

The entire tour crew crossed the busy waterway toward Mitsuwa Marketplace, a grocery store/restaurant, and the largest Japanese supermarket in the country. From our former home base on Pier 66 base in Chelsea (now Pier 84 at West 44th St and the Hudson), the easy five-mile paddle to Edgewater only took about 90 minutes. It also comes with its own rewards, as Hailey found out from fellow adventurer Josh Jaycoff who came along on his paddleboard,  “The best part is . . . being out in the open river with Manhattan right in front of you,”. “It’s like [being in] the center of the center of the world.”

Ramen, Pocky, and Sushi

After they took in the breathtaking views of the city from the middle of the waterway, they dragged their boats and boards up onto the beach on the New Jersey side. The Mitsuwa Market was less then 100 feet away and beckoned their hungry frames.  Then it was onto foodie fun from “Rare Cheesecake Pocky candies to vibrant packages of nigiri sushi and obscure Japanese energy drinks,” relates Hailey in the NY Post article. In addition, the Mitsuwa Market features more then a dozen restaurants, including a wonderful ramen stop which might be just the thing for colder day paddles.  Hailey, Margaret, Daniel, Josh and the rest of the gang all shared their dumplings and rice balls before getting ready to launch their noses back toward Manhattan Kayak’s old home base on Pier 66 (now Pier 84 at West 44th St and the Hudson).

Our Tours

Our dining tours run through October so be sure to book yours today. In addition to the Sushi tour to Mitsuwa, we offer our 79th Street tour: A three-hour round-trip kayaking tour which heads north to the 79th Street Boat Basin and includes a visit to on an Upper West Side restaurant.  After a meal and shared stories, the group catches the current back south.  We also offer our Kayak and Paddleboarding tour to Red Hook:  This advanced tour takes five to six hours, and is a 16-mile round-trip to Louis Valentino Jr. Park with a stop for brunch/lunch at Hope & Anchor. If you’re interested in either of our dining tours, contact us today!

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