The Off Season Is The BEST Season!

The Off Season Is The BEST Season!

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Off Season Is The BEST Season

Many paddlers consider the “off” season as the best season!  The clamor and crowds are gone , the boat traffic almost non existent, the angle of the light enchanting. Moreover, the paddling industry now has so many excellent clothing options to keep you warm and safe!   Everyone is a little bit different in how warm or cool they like to be but everyone does well with 3mm Farmer John wetsuits to make the transition from warm water/warm air  to cool water/cool air.  See our photo gallery below for some pics of our warm winter paddling fashion.

On breezy days we add a sprayjacket, and perhaps earband or hat.   Neoprene socks and water shoes make a great combo, neoprene booties are the next step.  Northwest River Supplier is a great site to peruse and shop from.

As water and air get colder we shift to a  fleece lined full body wetsuit, hat, booties, and neoprene gloves  This combination can take you through the milder days of mid winter but the colder days require a drysuit!. MKC can provide farmer johns and a limited number of full body wetsuits.

Many veteran paddlers mix and match layers to find just the right temperature for their longer range winter travels. Nanook probably had it best for the coldest days of winter with his walrus or sealskin hooded anorak, gloves and footwear but modern technology is getting closer.

MKC’s Off Season Adventures…

Once you have the right gear, what adventures await you?  How about:

Private instruction and tours from MKC’s top guides and instructors.

Email [email protected] and Eric will work to make a match with your time and interests. Intensive, two-hour sessions will make the most of your time on the water without letting you get too cold.

Fitness/Skillbuild paddle sessions

We will use the Pier 84 embayment and/or go out on the river, conditions permitting. These one-hour sessions will be vigorous and heat generating.  They will make you stronger and better able to handle currents and wind!

Long paddle sessions/touring  sessions

These will be led by MKC top guide Julietta Gismondi will vary depending on what  makes sense given the day, with weather, tides and conditions determining the weekly 2+ hour journey.

PRIMAL sessions

These are 60-75 minute indoor/outdoor full body functional fitness sessions that builds Balance, Endurance, Strength and Technique.  They are the brainchild of MKC founder Eric Stiller who has trained expeditioners, racers, and local adventurers to be able to go further, faster, and with better form for nearly two decades. Eric has learned that most paddler, runners, cyclists benefit greatly. Primal’s foot to fingertip, front and back, up and down , left and right approach will get your whole body fit in all planes of motion.

Tell Us Which Adventures You Would Like To See Right Here

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