Stand Up Paddleboarding: No Water Required

Stand Up Paddleboarding: No Water Required

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New York’s finest kayak and stand up paddleboarding institution has been recently featured in Better For You. This article focuses on Manhattan Kayak’s own Eric Stiller in exploring stand up paddleboarding moves that can be completed even when you’re not on the water.

SUP Myths Busted

While the first busted myth in the article is that these fitness moves are only for participating in this exciting water sport, the second is that it’s your arms that do all the work while stand up paddleboarding. While arm strength and movement are essential, the groove is really in your hips. Eric Stiller talks in length about the importance of “waking up” your hips and moving them in ways that are counter-intuitive to how we use them in daily life. Keeping the arms and hips working together in fluid motion can improve your base of SUP skills and help get your body in shape for a trip around the New York Harbor.

Quick and Simple SUP Moves

In the article, “4 Paddling-Inspired Total-Body Moves,” Stand Up Paddling instructor Eric Stiller covers quick and simple moves to help get you in shape for SUP adventures. These quick and simple SUP workouts include:

  • Low Arm Hip Twists
  • High Arm Hip Rotations
  • Tahitian Racing Stroke
  • Hawaiian Racing Stroke

All four of these simple exercises can be done in a small space and in the comfort of your own home. Included in each block of instruction are simple tips to make the most of each SUP muscle-building exercise.

Once you’re comfortable with these SUP out of the water, join Eric Stiller and the guides and staff at Manhattan Kayak Company for intensive and fun New York Kayak and Stand Up Paddleboarding experiences.

Photo Credit: Better for You

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