Super Storm Sandy Recovery Efforts

Super Storm Sandy Recovery Efforts

On October 25, 2012, “Superstorm” Sandy made a direct hit on New York Harbor. The most potent northeast corner of the storm hit Staten Island and Coney Island with nearly full force. 12 Foot storm surges swelled the Harbor to levels not seen in modern history.  Wall Street shut down and subways were out for a week. Lower Manhattan did not have full electricity for weeks.

Some of the  Good news is that the 60 ton floating dock of our old home, the Hudson River Park Trust Pier 66 boathouse survived! (Note, we’re now located at Pier 84 at West 44th St and the Hudson) It came very close to being lifted off its stanchions and lost to the sea. The Boathouse and the majority of boats and gear inside also survived as over 4 feet of water inundated it at times.

The less perfect news is that our large west gate that accesses the dock looks like it was hit by a heard of elephants and does not function. The office was swamped and the electricity was eliminated, yet we will forge on.

Manhattan Kayak Company, NYRS (New York River Sports) and the Hudson River Park Trust (HRPT) have agreed to start the season anyway and handle these
challenges in any way possible. LIke New Yorkers do in these situations, we have joined together and will make it work.

We kindly ask for your consideration and patience regarding these matters! We will have porta potties, changing tents and mobile credit card swiping devices to make the basics work the best we can yet, it will be best for you relieve yourselves before you come to us if you can. Changing in advance will be helpful, and bringing good storage backs, backpacks etc. for your gear (including bags to put your wet clothes into) all go a long way to more seamless experience. We will have staff to help you navigate the environment as well as we possibly can.

Thank you!

Manhattan Kayak Company

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