Local Conditions

Local Conditions

Questions about weather cancellations? Here’s the answer.


High Tide & Low Tide


Tidal Currents

High 1.9↑Flood Low 2.8↓Ebb
H+1 1.7↑Flood L+1 2.6↓Ebb
H+2 0.9↑Flood L+2 1.9↓Ebb
H+3 0.1↓Slack L+3 1.0↓Ebb
H+4 1.3↓Ebb L+4 0.3↑Slack
H+5 2.2↓Ebb L+5 1.3↑Flood

Velocities (knots) are at Pier 84 Boathouse.


Radar: Past 6 Hours


Rain & Thunder: Next 9 Days

We highly recommend this detailed radar.


Wind Gusts: Next 9 Days


Wind Forecast

Time is non-local GMT. Subtract 4 hours! We recommend the app to read the time correctly.


Visualizing Tidal Currents

Play this Stevens Institute simulation.