We’re on a Mission

We’re on a Mission

Manhattan Kayak’s mission is to bring New York City’s 500-mile-long coastline to you.

We will never tire of teaching students to paddling and then go exploring – in a safe and steady way. The colorful expanses and cityscapes of this world-class paddling environment has no equal. It’s simply the finest urban paddling on the planet. 

A kayak guide from Alaska’s glacier region said, “This is more beautiful than home.” Humankind and nature collide at Manhattan Island. Powerful natural granite foundations support towers shooting into the sky. A vast ocean and a majestic river converge daily, combining massive amounts of salt and freshwater.


What brought us here?

I’m Eric Stiller, owner of Manhattan Kayak Company. Dieter Stiller, my father, brought the first folding kayaks to the USA in the 1950’s. We spent many days paddling our Klepper kayaks on the Delaware River and the Adirondacks. I went to college in Colorado. Some call me a nature lover. But, New York City grew on me. Alone on the water, I dreamt it could be a world-class paddling destination. NYC NEEDED the paddling experience to bring some peace, some calm, and some balance to its warp-speed. Over time, I found like-hearted friends to train and guide paddlers in this unlikely place.

I wrote a news column in the early 1980’s about how NYC should increase its “quality of life” with greenways and blueways. Now, thanks to the Hudson River Park Trust (our landlord), Manhattan’s entire West Side has them! The City of New York has made its waterfronts accessible, enjoyable, and fun.

Come join us and enjoy the best secret space in NYC: the waterways. Book your rental, class, or guided trip today. See you on the water!