The Paddle Pass

The Paddle Pass

Become a Paddle Passholder


We want you to get the most out of your month of paddling! Whether you’re a brand new Passholder or a seasoned pro, there’s much to discover through your monthly pass.

The Paddle Pass includes:

50% off Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite trips. Enjoy thrilling longer trips in a smart way.

1 free Intermediate Trip: Progress in order from the Golden Trip, to Hudson River Crossing, to Secret Beach, to Sushi, to GW, to Surf City, to North/South, etc. When you’re confident with one trip, move up to to the next trip.

5 free Rentals in the Cove: Practice using our sea kayaks or touring boards or bring guests.

Personal paddle storage at the boathouse: A quality well-fit carbon paddle is a game changer!

Passholders must be graduates of the 4-class series in Kayak Basics or Paddle Board Basics. Enjoy 30 days of benefits and no commitment. Work out with the tidal currents and catch the ocean breeze.


Get the Paddle Pass for $95.