Polar Pass

polar pass for kayaking and paddle boarding in NYC winter

Polar Pass

How the Polar Pass Works


Kayakers and paddle boarders who finish 3 Intermediate Trips and demonstrate self-rescues by November 1st qualify for the Polar Pass from November to May. As a result, retain your paddle fitness and get to the next level during these make-or-break months. Even after we’re closed to novices, you must get suited up in comfy warm gear and enjoy fresh air and sunshine. 

The Pass includes

• 1 free River Trip. Enjoy multi-hour trips every Saturday and Sunday.

• 3 free Open Practices. Go at your own pace and enjoy sunset in the cove every Tuesday and Thursday from 3-6pm.

50% off Trips and Trainings. Join weekend trips and weeknight trainings from 6-7pm.


You’ll be cozy and comfortable in the right warm gear and it’s required. Rent a wetsuit for $30/mo and store it at the boathouse. Gear requirements are in our blog post.

Join for 30 days of benefits starting November 1st with no commitment. Supplies are limited.


The Polar Pass is sold out!



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