Private Training

Private Training

Train and Ride the Tides in Privacy


Private Training: Full body paddling on both kayak and stand-up paddleboard (SUP) is a high-intensity cardio workout and competitive sport. Personal attention is the best way to learn full-body paddling. It’s virtually impossible to learn alone. Your technique will improve vastly and you’ll become more aware of the vessels that are right for you.


Private Trips: For those more interested in getting out right away, we do private trips for all experience levels on the Hudson River and NY Harbor. Enjoy the scenic waterfront at your own pace and custom destination, from a 1-hour skyline trip to a 12-hour challenging trip around Manhattan.


For Locals: If you’re a local and want to do more challenging intermediate and advanced trips, we highly recommend that you’re well-taught through private or group training beforehand. This will assure that you are working the correct muscle groups and can maintain speed and endurance through surf, wind, and current.

To schedule, please email us with your preferred dates/times and a brief description of your goal.

Rates for the first hour:

• $80/person for Kayak or SUP 1-on-1

• $70/person for Kayak or SUP 1-on-2

• $65/person for Kayak or SUP 1-on-3

• For groups of 4 people or more, please visit Group Events