Our full menu for summer 2020.


Beginners (aka novices) enjoy thrilling adventures like the Skyline Kayaking Trip and night kayaking in New York After Dark. No experience needed.

Cost-conscious visitors, dog owners, and kids under 13 opt for affordable rentals in the Intrepid Bay. Dogs paddle for free.

Ambitious athletic types go faster and farther on sea kayaks and touring boards in Kayak Basics 1-4 and Paddle Board Basics 1-4 classes or take private lessons. As a result, trained paddlers join guided adventures and camping trips from 4 to 36 miles long. Experience our full menu. Join as a member for unlimited access. 



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Novice trips:




Intermediate trips:


Advanced trips:


Elite trips:


How to sign up other people:


    1. This system reserves only 1 person at a time. So sign up yourself then…
    2. Go back to this schedule and make ANOTHER single reservation under your name/account
    3. Keep repeating this for each of your guests
    4. All reservations and credits are under your name and payment method
    5. Because of COVID, our capacity is capped at 9. Email us before trying to book several people