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Quick Details

Person on our touring kayaks 50% off for members
Person on our touring SUPs 50% off for members
Your own kayak or SUP For boathouse storage owners only

The Perfect Trip for Slackers

From the Pier 84 Boathouse, we paddle out during slack tide. On the days when the tides and daylight hours don’t line up for longer trips, this is what we do. Since there’s no tide to ride, you’ll discover your own real mile-per-hour pace. We cover 3 miles round trip.

What to bring:

  • Face mask required in the boathouse
  • Your own lock for the lockers
  • Dry bag with water bottle, thermos, energy snacks, and gloves or pogies
  • Wet suit with paddle jacket until 12/20. Dry suit with base layers from 12/21-5/1

We provide:

  • Touring kayak or board, lifejacket, paddle, and guide
  • Restroom, lockers, changing room
  • We rent wet suits, paddle jackets, and neoprene boots
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