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Red Hook Tour

Quick Details

Person on our kayaks
Person on our SUPs
Your own kayak or SUP For boathouse storage owners only

Paddle through the NY Harbor to Brooklyn’s Red Hook

From the Pier 84 Boathouse in the Hudson River Park, we kayak and SUP through the NY Harbor’s Upper Bay. We experience stunning scenic panoramas and bumpy water. “It’s like the Wild West.” After we land on the beach, the group decides together to get crab, BBQ, pie or drinks. Whatever we choose, we burn it off on the way back, covering 15 miles round trip.


  • This is an Expert tour. Before booking, complete 3 Advanced tours this season or get pre-screened. Each season, start with shorter tours and work up to longer tours.

What To Bring

  • At least 2 liters of water
  • Money to buy food at Red Hook
  • Spray jacket and headlamp for after sunset
  • Dry bag with a packed meal and supplements
  • Quick dry clothes suitable for the day and extras for after

We Provide

  • Kayak or paddle board, life jacket, paddle, and guide
  • Restroom, lockers, outdoor showers, and changing room


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