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In all of us there is an impulse - though it may be deeply hidden - to leave behind our ordinary lives and go beyond the morning to seek our fortunes. The urge is usually thwarted in our time by the restricting responsibilities of family or society.


Yet some continue to climb almost inaccessible mountains or to explore the distances of the sea, dreaming of other coasts. And the curious thing is that when this impulse comes to the fore in some individual and is acted upon, most men are puzzled; so remote and fantastic, perhaps, do their own dreams seem.

- Dr. Hannes Lindemann


Learn to kayak in 1•2•3, 3 group courses for $150. Learn to control and navigate a sit-in kayak in NYC and places far and wide.

From beginner skyline tours to challenging day trips. We give you the right kayak for your destination.

Private groups of all levels can reserve a few hours of fun in the sun and team-building. Groups of up to 40 people are welcome.

Being on the water will change your life in NYC. Members get 100% off classes, tours, rentals and access to premium boats.

Stay fit all year round with The Winter program. Become a member to take advantage of the Winter schedule until May 1 2017.

Learn to stand up paddle in 1•2•3, 3 group courses for $150. Use premium SUPs to get poised to SUP in New York City and beyond.

From a short NY After Dark tour to an all-day trek to Coney Island, we have a fully stacked schedule of tours for the entire year.

Jumpstart your learning with private sessions on kayak, surf ski and stand-up paddleboard. Our ACA Certified Instructors are awesome.

Take a a 360 degree virtual tour of the MKC Boathouse at Pier 84 boathouse on the Hudson River!

Break free from the norm and share your love of water sports with people from places far and wide.

Manhattan Kayak + SUP

Manhattan Kayak + SUP