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Kayaking & Stand-Up Paddle Boarding in New York City


Kayaking & Stand-Up Paddle Boarding in New York City


Kayaking & Stand-Up Paddle Boarding in New York City


Welcome! Choose to rent a kayak or SUP in the cove, join a scenic guided trip, or take classes to go farther in NYC waters. After the 4 Basics classes, you qualify to be a member.


Get NYC scenery, sunshine, and laughs all at once. Perfect for first-timers and kids. Ambitious locals get to the next level in kayak and SUP lessons then qualify for membership.


Graduates of our kayak & SUP lessons trek to remote NYC places with new friends. Take trips in order of difficulty. Join as a member to get 50% off. To join without lessons first, do an evaluation.

Manhattan Kayak’s mission is to bring New York City’s 500-mile-long coastline to you.

New York City is our home and the Hudson River is water that we all share. We put locals on the water, form a community, and advocate for healing of the water and of the people.

We welcome first-timers for casual kayaking jaunts to see NYC’s granite foundations shoot into the sky. Once you finish lessons for kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding, you can go farther with a group at your level. Feel the vast ocean carry you to under-the-radar destinations.

We take frequent paddle trips together and endure ever-changing sea states. Joy comes to us. We’re friends who flow together. We feel connected to the earth. And we are alive more than ever. Come join us in Midtown Manhattan!


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Manhattan Kayak Company
MKC is a Treasure

The staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, and they want you to have a great experience on the water. Whether you're a total newbie or an expert paddler, they support you at the right level. They have something for everyone -- practice sessions in the protected cove, short jaunts up and down the river, longer trips across the river to Jersey, and more. And there is nothing like being on the Hudson, open skies above you as the light reflects off the Manhattan skyline. It's an amazing adventure (and a pretty good workout to boot!)

– Marianna V. | Google
Manhattan Kayak Co logo
You are the Best

First of all, I don't know how to swim. So the whole experience being on the water in a small kayak was terrifying for me. But I gave it a try. Now I feel confident and having so much fun! It’s truly a life-changing experience! The team is very knowledgeable and patient. They help you to build this skill step by step. Very supportive and atmosphere! You are the best!

– Tati S. | Google
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Really Impressed

I’ve taken Basic Kayaking 1 and 2 there so far and am really impressed. The teachers absolutely know what they’re doing and make sure that students learn techniques correctly. They’re attentive, yet foster independence in students. Going out on open water in a small boat is something that should be taken very seriously and that’s exactly how they approach it. Kayaking is pretty challenging but learning from dedicated educated instructors makes it that much easier.

– Stephanie A. | Google
Manhattan Kayak Co logo
Highly Recommend

Just came back from the July 4th Skyline Tour. Our guide Jeffrey was great. We had little pre lessons of basic kayaking strategies before heading down to the water. The weather was good today. We took a lot of nice pictures. The facilities of the company were good too. Free lockers, lock and water. I saw the pin map on the wall and there was no pin in my city yet. I dropped the first pin there! Overall, I really like to recommend this place to everyone!

– Joyce Z. | Google
Manhattan Kayak Co logo
I Can’t Wait To Go Back

My wife & I greatly enjoyed our rentals at Manhattan Kayak. Making an online reservation was quick, easy, and super affordable. The staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and very kind to our two small dogs. The equipment was top level, and the cove was amazing. We cannot wait to go back and make this a regular family summer activity. The staff strictly enforced social distancing and sanitation. Everyone wore masks until after launching and the equipment was immediately put into cleaning stations when we were done. They are very dog friendly which is always a plus!

– Kevin W. | Google
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