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Weather & Tides

Know This.

We examine the marine forecast before every river tour. We teach novices to understand this in Basics 1-2-3 Classes and River Navigation Classes for sea kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding. Intermediate-Expert paddlers master them through real experiences!

  • Currents and Moon: Go at Slack for short trips or ride the Ebb south and Flood north. Full and new moon cause stronger currents.
  • Wind and Gusts: Know your wind tolerance. Novices avoid 15+ mph sustained wind and 20+ mph gusts. Watch for white caps.
  • Air Temp: Prep hydration and insulation. Above 90F, pack water with electrolytes and take dips. Below 70F and near sunset, have layers on-hand.
  • Water Temp: Dress for immersion. From 50-60F, wear a drysuit, semi-drysuit or wetsuit. Under 50F, paddle with a buddy and wear a drysuit.
  • Rain and Thunder: Avoid thunder and lightning within 10 miles. Closely watch the real movement and changes in weather systems.

TIDES at the Battery

High tide is blue / Low tide is red


Tide at Battery Knots at Pier 84
High tide 1.9↑Flood
H+1 1.7↑Flood
H+2 0.9↑Flood
H+3 0.1↓Slack
H+4 1.3↓Ebb
H+5 2.2↓Ebb
Low tide 2.8↓Ebb
L+1 2.6↓Ebb
L+2 1.9↓Ebb
L+3 1.0↓Ebb
L+4 0.3↑Slack
L+5 1.3↑Flood

SURFACE CURRENTS next 24 hours

Play the live simulation



Tidal currents are strongest near full and new moon. Know why.



WIND & GUST forecast at Boathouse

WIND GUSTS: 9 day forecast

RADAR: 9 day forecast

We recommend the Pro version of THIS RADAR 👈