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For Beginners

aka Novices

Enjoy a summer splash

All activities begin and end at the Pier 84 Boathouse in Manhattan’s Hudson River Park.

Rent kayaks & SUPs: NYC waters are very complex. No outfitters rent boats to roam alone. All renters stay in the cove between the Boathouse and the Intrepid. Ages 3+ and dogs. To go on the scenic river, join guided trips.

Join guided river trips: Paddle with our friendly kayak guides into the most panoramic scene in NYC. Ages 7+. No experience needed.

Take lessons: Learn to kayak or SUP in our Basics 1-4 lesson series. Ages 15+. No experience needed. After the four-lesson series, join longer guided intermediate trips and be a member. Ages 18+.


Rentals for novices

Ages 3+, families, and dogs enjoy the calm cove along NYC’s Intrepid Aircraft Carrier. Rent kayaks and stand-up paddle boards for 45 minutes. No swimming or boating experience required for people or dogs. Starts with a brief lesson on land.

NYC waters are very complex. No outfitters rent boats to roam alone. All renters stay in the supervised cove. To go into the scenic Hudson River, join our guided trips.

different kayaks and SUPs to rent

Trips for novices

Get sweeping views of NYC’s skyline with a friendly guide. Use sit-on-top kayaks that are excellent for beginners. They’re super stable and easy-to-use.

No swimming or boating experience required. Kids 7-14 ride with an adult. Kids 15 and up can be unaccompanied.

Every activity is supervised or guided. We do not rent boats for soloists to roam alone. The waters in NYC are too complex.

different kayaks and SUPs

Lessons for novices

Touring kayaks and SUPs are the best boats for exploring waters far and near. Learn how to use them in our four-lesson Basics series for ages 15+. No experienced needed. To learn at your own pace, for ages 7-14, or to learn surf skiing, take private lessons. Either way, we ensure you get a boat that fits your body and abilities.

Choose kayaking for:

  • stability in many conditions
  • shallower learning curve
  • go long distances most easily

Choose SUPing for:

  • intense full-body workouts
  • steeper learning curve
  • refining balance and coordination
different kayaks and SUPs