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For Trained Paddlers

The Best Escape Room In The World

Not for beginners.

INTERMEDIATE: You finished Basics classes or got screened.

ADVANCED: You finished 4 intermediate tours this year or got screened.

EXPERT: You finished 3 advanced tours this year or got screened. Experts finish the 30-mile Manhattan Circ to qualify for boat storage.


boats options for trained paddlers

For Trained Paddlers Only


For Trained Paddlers Only


Paddle and explore the history of Midtown Manhattan, Hell’s Kitchen, and Chelsea.

View the Water’s Soul sculpture from the water and peruse the Jersey City shore.

Kayak or paddle board to the culinary delicacies of New Jersey’s Little Japan.

A hugely fun trip to the New York Upper Harbor. Stop for lobster and guac.

Paddle to TriBeCa, explore the historic neighborhood, and go for coffee.

Paddle to New York’s third largest city and the unearthed Saw Mill River.

The perfect regimen for weeknight fitness. Join the community on the water.

Learn to calculate tidal currents, plan trips, and navigate NYC waters.

Be confident in rescuing yourself. Rescues are a crucial skill if you ever plan to paddle without a guide.

2023 NYC Full Schedule