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For Trained Paddlers

Dare to live differently. Discover 500 miles of NYC's coastline.

Finish our lesson series or do an e-assessment to join these intermediate-expert activities.

Come to the boathouse, get on the water, and make new friends. We do not rent boats for soloists to roam alone.

Take trips in the sequence below. Trips go in order of difficulty. Ages 18+ only.

Want to advance? Windy choppy conditions improve abilities faster than anything. Paddle on calm days then do similar trips on rough days. For a learner, a 4 mile trip is idyllic in sub-7 mph wind, vigorous in 8-12 mph wind, and turbulent in 13-20+ mph wind. Know how to read wind, tides, and weather.


boats options for trained paddlers

Intermediate trips for kayakers & SUPers: 2-10 miles

These trips are some of our all-time favorites. They’re ideal for Basics graduates just starting out. Get a workout with sunshine and sea breeze and do some socializing.

Are you a tourist with strong experience? Please do this e-assessment before booking.

Advanced trips for kayakers & SUPers: 8-18 miles

After some longer intermediate trips, go farther in tougher waters around NYC. Real encounters with wind, waves, and tides are invaluable. Form super bonds with your paddle mates.

Expert trips for kayakers & SUPers: 15-33 miles

After the Liberty or Lighthouse Trips, paddle all day on these epic trips. Moments from these trips will sparkle in your memory for a long time. Those who finish the Manhattan Circumnavigation qualify for personal boat/board storage at the boathouse.

Weeknight trainings

When the River’s dark, we work out in the cove. Join these festive evening gatherings to deepen your kayak & SUP technique.

Have fun. Meet friends. Paddle NYC together.

Discover hidden beaches, seaside eats, and old relics. Do laps in the cove. Bring your mates. Relax on the patio with new friends.

Who’s eligible: Graduates of our lesson series.