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Paddle up to the Statue of Liberty

We paddle 7.5 miles south from the Pier 84 Boathouse to the confluence of the Hudson River and the Upper Bay. We pause under the Statue then stop for lunch at a nearby beach before heading back for 7.5 miles. On December 14th, join Neal Moore as he finishes his 22 month, 7,500 mile canoe trip from Oregon.


  • Experienced visiting paddlers: First, complete our e-assessment. We check that you have the right skills and gear. After that, we’ll tell you to sign up.
  • Returning paddlers: Finish at least two Advanced trips this Fall ’21 season before signing up.


  • Water and air temperature will be in the low 40’s and even colder with a -10F wind chill! We recommend a dry suit or semi-dry top and bottom with merino wool mid layer. At the very least, wear a 3mm wetsuit with paddle jacket and merino wool sleeve shirt.
  • Must Have Accessories: Pogies with optional under gloves, neoprene boots with wool socks, dry bag, hot thermos, lunch, and wool hat. Read our recommendations.


  • Kayak or paddleboard, life jacket, paddle, and guide
  • Restroom, lockers, and changing room
  • We rent wetsuits, paddle jackets, and neoprene boots
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