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New York Kayak Recreational Touring

New York kayaking is never boring!  New York City alone has over 500 miles of coastline, combining the iconic skyline with the diverse 360 degree panorama of breathtaking sunrises and sublime sunsets.

Years ago, Manhattan Kayak Company gladly welcomed the Jackson Riviera sit-on-top kayak. Designed by engineer Eric “EJ” Jackson (arguably the best freestyle kayaker in the world), the Riviera is a user friendly and fun craft for the beginner kayaker.

Thus, the ever popular FUN IN THE SUN tours were born, soon followed by everyone’s favorite, NEW YORK AFTER DARK trips. We are now proud to add our KAYAK TOUR and NIGHT KAYAK to this family.

These New York kayaking tours are not destination driven; instead, they are 60-75 minute excursions that begin with 10-20 minutes of warm up and instruction before heading out on a kayak adventure.  

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New York Kayak Dining Tours

Prepared with basic skills and experience on shorter New York kayaking trips, a dining-destination New York kayak trip is next on the list. Most kayakers start with the 79TH STREET Boat Basin excursion, paddling to have a bite at O’Neals Bistro before returning to Pier 84. Next, join the SUSHI TOUR that involves crossing the river and going to Edgewater, New Jersey, or try a long distance kayaking adventure like the one that ends up at RED HOOK Brooklyn. Or Join us for FRYING PAN LUNCH TOUR or PIER 1 TOUR. The cost of your repast is not included, so remember to bring cash or a credit card!

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New York City’s Finest Kayaking Adventures

Most regulars New York kayakers become Manhattan Kayak Company participants in the Credit Package or Membership programs. They have put in their hours on our shorter trips before tackling the longest, most challenging, and often the most rewarding tours we have. Two of our all-time favorites that have made many kayakers’ “bucket list” of accomplishments are the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan Circumnavigation tours.

The STATUE OF LIBERTY (SOL) tour is a must-do for nearly any touring kayaker. This 4-hour journey crosses upper New York Harbor and continues around “The Lady,” passing where the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center once stood and the beautiful Freedom Tower now reaches for the sky. This tour also includes a trip past historic Ellis Island, where so many of our ancestors embarked on their first steps to becoming US citizens.

Kayaking in New York lives up to the adage, “If you can do it here, you can do it anywhere,” once you have accomplished the epic MANHATTAN CIRCUMNAVIGATION tour. The full circumnavigation of Manhattan Island is a rite of passage for Manhattan Kayak Company students and members. Like the New York Marathon, this 28-mile trip requires respect and gradual preparation, requiring good paddling technique, efficiency, endurance and a positive attitude. Or try our CONEY ISLAND TOUR  only offered before the Memorial Day  and After the Labor Day crowds when all of a sudden a million beach goers become dozens.

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The New York City Bridge Tours

The George Washington Bridge (GWB) kayak tour is the first New York kayaking bridge tour, lasting 5 hours and including a short stop for a packed lunch under the grandeur of the Palisades. The quieter and more sedate the two bridge tours has less traffic, smaller waves, fewer buildings and more greenery.

In contrast, the 8 to 10 hour Verrazzano Narrows Bridge (VERRAZZANO) kayak adventure encompasses a 28-mile journey traversing the entire New York Harbor to the southern flank of Staten Island and possibly beyond.

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Visitors to New York City

If you hail from outside of New York City and have not paddled with our training system before, we encourage you to join us but ask you to respect the challenge of New York City kayaking.

Our kayak tours range from solid intermediate to very advanced paddling. New York kayaking includes strong tidal currents, winds that can blow a gale on the sunniest of days, and summer storms that seem to be summoned from Neptune himself. If you are a visitor to New York City, we welcome you to try one of our shorter kayak tours.

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