Stand Up Paddleboard Instruction

New York Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) Instruction

Paddle Boarding at the Manhattan Kayak Company

Manhattan Kayak Company was thrilled to embrace stand up paddle boarding (SUP) shortly after its emergence as a full-fledged sport over the last decade. Pursued early on in the waters of the Hawaiian Islands, stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is now one of the fastest growing outdoor activities worldwide.

At Manhattan Kayak Company, we quickly recognized the tremendous potential for stand up paddle boarding in Manhattan. Inspired by the possibilities, we formed a relationship with Todd Bradley, the founder of C4 Waterman and one of the pioneering manufacturers of top flight SUP paddles and boards.

The Manhattan Kayak Company Approach to Paddle Boarding Instruction

“Form Equals Function”  is the guiding principle of Manhattan Kayak Company’s approach to stand up paddle boarding instruction. Manhattan Kayak Company has researched and implemented the most effective, user friendly and engaging stand up paddle boarding (SUP) instructional and performance techniques for a complete, holistic, and fluid form of SUP paddling