Frequently Asked Questions:

Tell me more about MKC!
Welcome to Manhattan Kayak + SUP, on the Hudson since 1996. We love paddling on the Hudson River and want to show you its majesty. We teach paddlers to enjoy the New York waterways in a safe and effective way. From Beginner classes through Elite level trips, to mixed private groups up to 40 people, we will be available for you.
What should I wear and bring?
Be prepared to get wet (although you might not) and bring clothes to change into after you’re done. Your paddling clothes should be water friendly, like a swimsuit, spandex, synthetic, or Dri-Fit materials.

Cotton clothes, jeans, or flip flops aren’t recommended. Remember to bring a reusable water bottle, snack, and sunscreen. We sell waterproof phone cases, sunscreen, sunglasses straps, and water-friendly t-shirts/shorts/hats, and we provide a lock for your locker.

I could only sign up myself. How do I sign up my guest?
Simply go back to the schedule and sign up again for yourself multiple times. All reservations will be under your name.
How do I get to the boathouse?
The Google maps address is 555 12th Ave. New York, NY 10019. We are on Pier 84. You will see the Pier after you cross 12th Avenue at W 44th St. Look beyond the trees and you will see the boathouse half way out on the Pier. Please arrive 15 minutes early to change clothes and put your belongings into a locker.

To get here, (1) ride a Citibike up or down the Hudson Greenway bike path to the Ferry Terminal at W 40th St and 12th Avenue to dock the bike, then walk 5 minutes up to the boathouse, (2) ride your bike directly to the boathouse and leave it inside the boathouse, (3) take a taxi or drive to W 43nd Street and 12th Avenue, or (4) walk west from Times Square or the Times Square / Port Authority subway.

Do you do rentals?
Yes, you can rent kayaks and stand-up paddleboards here. Renters paddle in the Intrepid Bay. We have both single and double kayaks and single SUPs. Prices per half hour per person are: Kayaks: $7, SUPs: $15. Children ages 3-10 ride free and only with their guardian. The Intrepid protects us from wind, tidal currents and boat traffic. The River’s tidal currents – determined by our moon – can be strong and sweep beginners away. To paddle outside of the Intrepid Bay, please join our daily guided kayak and SUP trips. See the schedule and sign up here.
Can my kids come?
Yes. For trips on the Hudson River, we welcome kids ages 13 and up. For rentals, we welcome kids from ages 3 and up. Children ages 3-10 ride free and only with their guardian.
Can I take an Intermediate trip without Kayak/SUP Basics?
Possibly, please tell us more about your previous experience by filling out our Trip Clearance Form. The Hudson River is different from a calm lake or beach. Our non-Beginner trips feature wind and current, and paddlers are expected to stay with the group. A paddler who is not yet at Intermediate level can slow down the group. We love teaching and this is why we teach Kayak/SUP Basics.
What if the weather is bad?
We are always watching the weather radar and will email and call you at least 2 hours before your tour if it’s going to be cancelled. We love rain (this is a water sport after all!) but lightning or 10+ mph winds can be dangerous. We’ll offer you a full refund or reschedule if this happens.
Is paddling difficult?
Beginner classes and trips are easy and accessible to all ages and fitness levels. Intermediate and Advanced trips require an athletic approach and you will progress to longer and longer journeys. Elite trips are challenging and also thrilling, even for people who have paddled for many years.
How will I be safe?
When going out on the River, your guide will watch over you. Each paddler must wear a lifejacket and must listen and stay near their guide. Please select tours at your skill level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Elite). The guide reserves the right to turn away any paddler who is not fit to paddle, is intoxicated, endangers themselves, doesn’t cooperate during the intro lesson, or separates from the group during the trip. If you are renting and are not going with a guide, you will stay within the supervised Pier 84 embayment. In the Basics classes, you will learn safety procedures and boat control in-depth, including how to rescue yourself and others. When strong wind (10+ mph) or lightning is in the forecast, stayed tuned to your email or voicemail up to 2 hours before your arrive. We will reschedule classes and trips to avoid these conditions.
Do I need to bring special clothing or equipment?
Please wear clothes that are comfortable when wet (like Nike Dri-Fit or spandex material pants, top, underwear). We HIGHLY recommend that you bring a change of clothes for afterwards, because your clothes will get soaked. We provide lifejackets, dry bags, lockers and locks.
Can I bring my dog?
Yes for rentals but not for group lessons or group tours. We have dog lifejackets and welcome you to try it out while our staff is supervising. The maximum weight for a dog to join you is 20 lbs.
Can we have a private gathering here?
Yes. We are available for groups of all levels for skyline trips and team building for up to 40 people. Summer weekends become filled so please reach out in advance. Visit our Private Outings page for more information.
Do I need to become a member to paddle here?
We are open to the public. You can rent a kayak or paddleboard here, or register for a class or trip online or in person without becoming a member. We offer memberships to help frequent paddlers get unlimited access to classes, tours, and boat storage space. Visit the Membership page to sign up. No matter what, all of our boats go out into the River with one of our guides.