Kayak Trips

Kayak Trips

Real Outdoor Adventures in NYC


The Atlantic Ocean floods into and ebbs out from Hudson River several times daily. The water will literally sweep away any untrained kayakers in NYC.

So if you’re a Novice, go with a guide and get the best outdoor adventure in NYC – and the best skyline – on the Skyline Kayak Trip, NY After Dark, and Hudson Yards Trip. We use easy kayaks for Novices, so no experience is needed. The guide leads the entire way.

Or, go faster and farther using a proper sea kayak. Enroll in four 2-hour Kayak Basics classes. As a result, trained kayakers take Intermediate guided adventures, starting with Secret Beach Trip, Sushi Trip, Surf City Trip, and GW Bridge Trip.

Then, go on Advanced guided adventures in this order: Freedom Tower Trip, Palisades Trip, Liberty Trip, and Governor’s Island Trip. These are intense multi-hour journeys with a friendly adept group including guides.

After that, dare to go on Elite guided adventures in this order: Red Hook Trip, Manhattan Circumnavigation, Alpine Trip, Fort Wadsworth Camping Trip, and Sandy Hook Camping Trip. At this level, you’re ready for global expeditions.

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Novice Trips:

Resumes in May 2020.


Intermediate Trips:

Every adventure includes an ACA-Certified guide, kayak, and equipment.


Advanced Trips:

Resumes in May 2020.


Elite Trips:

Resumes in May 2020.


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