Kayak Trips

Kayak Trips

Farther and faster with every trip

Beginner trips take you to the iconic skyline even if you’ve never paddled before. It’s The Skyline Trip and NY After Dark.

To go beyond Beginner, we require sit-in-style sea kayak experience. Kayak Basics gives you this. Accomplished sea kayakers can complete our Trip Clearance Form. We’ll respond and propose the best options for you.

After Kayak Basics, go on Intermediate trips in this order: Secret Beach Escape, Sushi Trip, Surf City, G.W. Bridge JourneyTo practice in Intrepid Bay, try Wednesday’s Practice Session.

After Intermediate trips, go on Advanced trips in this order: Freedom Tower Trip, Palisades Picnic, Liberty Quest, Governor’s Island LandingExpect a very intense workout.

After Advanced trips, go on Elite trips in this order: Red Hook Ride, Manhattan Circumnavigation, Verrazano Bridge, Alpine Adventure, Coney Island OdysseyElite kayakers are fit for expeditions around the world.


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