Choose Your Adventure!


Beginners over 13 years old, you’ll love our panoramic guided tours like the Skyline Kayak Tour and New York After Dark. Families with kids of ages 3+, skip the line and reserve Rentals in the Intrepid Bay. Dogs can chill out on SUPs for free.


Go faster and farther on sea kayaks or touring SUPs in Kayak Basics 1-4 and SUP Basics 1-4 classes with our ACA-Certified instructors. Once you’re trained, join guided tours from 4 miles to 28 miles long, like the Manhattan Circumnavigation and more! Become a boathouse member for free access to classes and tours.


We always supply boats, boards and equipment at no added cost. If you’re visiting with strong experience, submit a Clearance Form and we’ll recommend classes or tours.


Classes and tours can be set up privately to fit your schedule. See you on the water!


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