Boathouse Membership and Storage

Boathouse Membership and Storage

Join the boathouse!

Memberships include 100% off regular classes, tours, rentals, and 50% off summer clinics.

Join the NYC paddling community. We are a diverse mix of kayakers and paddleboarders who care for NYC waters and find fun, relaxation, and a workout together. Memberships are a great way to take many classes and tours and meet new people. Learn a lot when the opportunity is ripe: SUMMER!

Summer Boathouse Membership

• Starts on your sign-up date and continues until October 31st at $225 monthly

• 100% off regular classes, trips, rentals

• Does not include boat or board storage

The best option to jump start your paddling!

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Annual Boathouse Membership with Storage

• Storage is available for Elite paddlers only

• Waterfront storage of your boat and gear

• Keycard for 24-hour access

• 100% off regular classes, trips, rentals

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