Membership + Storage

Membership + Storage

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Every Membership include 100% off all classes, tours, and rentals

Monthly Membership

• Starts on your sign-up date

• Free initiation. Cancel any time without a penalty

• 100% off all classes, trips, and supervised rentals

• Does not include boat or board storage

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Annual Membership + Storage

• Starts on your sign-up date

• Storage is available for Elite paddlers only

• 12-month commitment

• Waterfront storage of your boat and gear

• Key card for 24 hour access

• 100% off all classes, trips, rentals

There is a waitlist for boat storage. Please complete the form below and we will contact you shortly for an interview about your boating experience.

Boat Storage Waitlist

To apply for boat storage, please fill in the Waitlist form below AND the Trip Clearance form.
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