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Guided river trips in NYC

Amazing views of New York City with friendly river guides

Get jaw-dropping views of NYC’s skyline. Novices use sit-on-top kayaks that are excellent for beginners. They’re super stable and easy-to-use. No swimming or boating experience required. Friendly kayak guides lead the entire experience.

Because NYC waters are complex, no outfitters can rent out boats without supervision. That’s why we offer guided trips. Kids 7-14 ride with an adult. Kids 15 and up can be unaccompanied.


Trained paddlers go farther and explore NYC

After finishing kayak or SUP lessons, explore hidden beaches, waterside eateries, and historic sites in NYC. Join 18 trips exploring Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, and more. Make friends, develop skills, get super fit, and use faster boats. Ages 18+ only.

After completing the Manhattan Circumnavigation, qualify to store a personal kayak or SUP at the Boathouse.

Visiting paddlers who want to join intermediate trips must do an e-assessment before booking.

kayaks and SUPs for trained paddlers

Intermediate trips for kayakers & SUPers: 2-10 miles

Advanced trips for kayakers & SUPers: 8-18 miles

Expert trips for kayakers & SUPers: 15-33 miles