Kayak Basics

Kayak Basics

The best way to learn kayaking in NYC


Learn kayaking with Kayak Basics 1-4. Lessons from an ACA-Certified instructor will lead to a more enjoyable kayaking experience. No swimming and kayaking experience is necessary.

Our formula for success: 4 two-hour kayaking classes. We limit classes to 6 people to ensure that everyone receives enough attention. Students learn by using sea kayaks, which have a narrow enclosed seat designed to go farther and faster than the broad open kayaks used by beginner kayak rentals. Just bring yourself and a change of clothes, everything else is provided by us.

If you prefer to learn kayaking privately or after group classes end in September, try private lessons. Each session is $150 for two hours. Remember: these lessons will last a lifetime!

After the Basics, graduates are ready for Intermediate tours on the Hudson River and around NYC. NYC kayakers who become Elites can store their own kayak at the Pier 84 boathouse and go kayaking for free without a guide. They plan their workout according to the day’s tidal currents and catch the sunshine and ocean breeze with paddle buddies.

Get all 4 classes for only $200.


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